Georgia Sales Team

Chuck Figlia – Georgia Sales Professional.  Graduated from University of Maryland in 1966.  With seven years in the parks and recreation field and thirty-two years in the playground industry with Dominica Recreation Products.  Designed and consulted on over five-hundred GameTime playgrounds throughout Georgia.  So I have some experience, which has provided me a certain wisdom and overall know-how.  I attribute my long tenure to passion, persistence, maturity, dependability, and charisma.  I look forward to working with you on your next project.    

Chuck Figlia

800-432-0162 ext. 300


Dennis DealGeorgia Sales Professional, serving all of West Georgia for Dominica Recreation Products and GameTime.  I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University where I earned a B.S. degree in Public Recreation Administration.  I began my playground career in 1990 and have now proudly represented GameTime for over thirteen years.  It is truly an honor to be associated with such fine organizations but the true joy comes from the opportunity every day to develop and design playgrounds that help impact children’s lives all over the state of Georgia.  As you can see from my picture I not only sell playgrounds but from time to time enjoy them. 

I have one quick story from a number of years ago.  I was on the jobsite for a new playground at an elementary school.  As I was walking around the school to the playground site under construction I felt a tug on my shirt.  I turned around and standing there was little boy with big rimmed glasses staring up at me.  He smiled and asked, “Mr. playground man when is our playground going to be ready?”  That folks is why I get up in the morning and why I do what I do.

Dennis Deal

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