The DRP Staff

Dick Dominica
– Owner.  A former school teacher and Executive Director of Parks and Recreation in New Jersey, Dick started Dominica Recreation Products, Inc. in 1968.  His passion and dedication to creating and delivering fun, imaginative, and developmental playgrounds for children has fueled the success of DRP.  That along with exemplary customer service is why we’ve been the leader in park and playground systems for over 44 years.

I strongly believe that the work we're doing now is better than the work we were doing six months ago and the work we'll be doing six months from now will be better than the work we're doing today.  We continuously observe, record, measure, manage, innovate, and tweak to always deliver the absolute best for our customers.

Dick Dominica

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Rob Dominica – President.  I was literally born into the playground industry. After earning my MBA from Stetson University, I joined my father at DRP in 1995.  Besides running the business end of the business, I thoroughly enjoy designing special projects from the ground up.  That’s the fun part of my job and I always look forward to it.  One of my other favorites?  Joining in on community builds.  Getting in the mud and building a playground with our installers and volunteers from the local community always makes me feel good and reminds me of why we do what we do.  It’s such a day of camaraderie and cooperation and when we’re done, there’s a brand new and exciting playground for the kids.

Rob Dominica

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Gina Wilson – Vice President.  A graduate of Lock Haven University in 1992 in the field of Finance and Economics, I joined DRP in 1994 as a temp.  You name it and I’ve done it:  filing, receptionist, office manager, customer service, order placement, event coordinator, marketing, bids, proposals, CAD design, and lots of other things.  As the VP, I’m also the Senior Project Manager in which I evaluate all new RFPs and projects.  My favorite thing is designing an incredible playground based on the customer’s vision and pushing the limits of that dynamic between budget and awesome.

Gina Wilson

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Rob Wilson - B.S. Recreation/Fitness Management, CPSI
Sales & Marketing Manager

After graduating from Lock Haven University in 1992, I spent sixteen years in the commercial fitness equipment industry, covering territories as large as twelve states and the Caribbean.  
I joined DRP in 2009 and lead our team of Territory Managers throughout Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Other Stuff: 36 year martial artist/instructor, four-time Tough Mudder Legionnaire, fitness consultant, writer, author, presenter, comedian, friend, coach, movie extra and sometimes even a bartender.  Volunteer Stuff:  NJROTC Booster Club 2nd VP, Feeding Children Everywhere, Crooms Academy of  Information Technology guest speaker/teacher.

Rob Wilson

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Pat Duberke – Customer Service.  I’ve been with DRP for sixteen years and take care of our customers in all situations dealing with order placement, warranty, and parts.

Pat Duberke

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Jennifer Cassidy – Customer Service.  I have been with Dominica Recreation Products for 9 years!  Previous to joining the Team, I worked in the hospitality industry serving, bartending, and management.  I have lived in Florida most of my life and enjoy visiting our wonderful beaches, boating with friends on the St. Johns River, and just being outdoors and enjoying our great weather.  Food and cooking are a huge passion of mine, and I often engage myself in long discussions about ingredients, recipes, and trying new things with fellow foodies.  I like reading books, any and all kinds.  I have a love/hate relationship with exercising, and my preference is to run.  Participating in races and mud runs are exciting to me!  Above all, my greatest joy is being a mommy to my beautiful and exuberant 9 year old daughter and a sassy, compulsively eating guinea pig named Carly.

Jennifer Cassidy

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Cindy Robinson – Project Manager.  I've been with the DRP Family since 2007 designing playgrounds through CAD design work and producing winning proposal packages for our sales professionals.  I also produce full color renderings of those designs to provide our customers with a clear image of what their project will look like when completed. 


I try not to take things and myself too seriously, and find the fun in most situations.  I'm blessed to be able to positively influence and encourage children to be themselves, play, learn, and grow through design.  Seeing life through a child's eyes helps puts perspective on how precious life is.  NPSI Certified.

Cindy Robinson

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JoEllen Green – Bids & Contracts Administrator.  Worked in the construction industry for 32 years prior to joining the team at DRP in 2011.  My title pretty much says it all; I handle all bids and contracts. 


I’m’ a native Floridian and married to a native Floridian.  Enjoy reading, music, crafting and baking and old movies.  You know, the classics like Gone with the Wind and Psycho.  I love the old south and especially the beaches from Ft. Walton to Pensacola and St. Augustine.  I’m not a world traveler and haven't painted a masterpiece yet, but then Grandma Moses was how old before she did.


JoEllen Green

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Kelly Pullam Product Specialist

I started my journey with DRP in 2012, and absolutely love it. Never did I think I would find my "Home away from Home".

Born and bred in north Florida and previously worked in the world of Real Estate & Property Management.  My life consists of spending time out on the water or relaxing at home with my crazy 5 year old son, wonderful husband and my spoiled beagle, Sammy.  My household bleeds Garnet & Gold and celebrates Seminole football like it’s a 3 month long Holiday. Go Noles!

Kelly Pullam

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Sarah Skiffington – Administrative Assistant. 

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates

I leave my house every morning with a sense of purpose ready to conquer the world. This might have something to do with my love of coffee. Regardless, I bring that get up and go get-em attitude to the DRP Family. I have nine years of Customer Service, Administrative Assistant and Managerial experience. I have worked in all different types of industries but am excited to be working for a company that makes playground dreams a reality.

I whole heartedly agree that “play is essential to life”, after all I am a big kid at heart. As a native Floridian, most of my hobbies revolve around being outside. Camping, kayaking, swimming and relaxing in the sun are a few things I enjoy doing when I’m not in the office. When I am at DRP, I am the voice you will most likely hear first to help you or direct you to the proper place.

Sarah Skiffington
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