About DRP





Dick Dominica, a former school teacher and Executive Director of Parks and Recreation in New Jersey, started Dominica Recreation Products, Inc. in 1968. He saw firsthand how confusing it can be to order park and playground equipment, and wanted to be able to offer the customer an easier way, seeing them through the process from order to installation. Dominica Recreation was formed to offer a sales and service delivery system unlike any in the industry.

That philosophy paid off and after serving New Jersey for 12 years, he decided to move the family and company to Longwood, Florida. The original staff of 2 has grown to 18 and they have been serving customers for over 44 years with their unique teamwork approach.

Mission Statement

Play is essential to life.

We passionately make dreams come alive by designing playgrounds that inspire children to play.

Let's make it fun!

At Dominica Recreation Products, we know that play is a very important component in the development of a child. It's where they develop lifelong social and interpersonal skills, such as Leading, Building Friendships, Confidence, Handling and Assessing Risk, Resolving Conflicts, Taking Turns, Making Choices, and Developing Fitness Habits.

This why we do what we do. We don't just build fun and exciting playgrounds, we build a developmental experience. It's our passion and it's why we've been the leader in park and playground systems in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee since 1968.


Our Team Approach


GameTime is the only playground equipment manufacturer that conducts independent research studies, partnering with … The Natural Learning Initiative and The National Institute for Play.  They design and manufacture play components based on the findings of play research.  The equipment is fun, exciting, developmental, durable, beautiful, and … did we mention, fun!?


Dominica Recreation Products builds a playground system from these components based on your vision.  These aren’t cookie-cutter catalog units.  Each playground is designed with a developmental and user-friendly purpose.  Our team of experts are highly trained, experienced, and certified.  They’ll make sure your playground meets ADA, IPEMA, ASTM, and CPSI standards, while producing a fun and exciting system.

Our installation teams
are exclusive to us and GameTime with over 25-years of experience, which means your project will be completed correctly and on time, saving you money, time, resources, and headaches.


Our customer service team is experienced and personable, ready to help you with anything related to order coordination, status, and delivery as well as warranty and replacement parts.

From simple play structures to full-scale parks, Dominica Recreation Products has the experience, know-how, and team of professionals to bring it all together, seamlessly.