New Net Climbers for School Playgrounds


Dominica Recreation Products is an exclusive representative for GameTime in Georgia and Florida. We are excited to announce GameTime's new line of playground net climbers: VistaRope®. VistaRope combines durable playground nets in fun, exciting designs that are perfect for school playgrounds in Georgia and Florida. Let's explore some of the new products!

Benefits of VistaRope

Let's begin with a quick look at what makes VistaRope unique. GameTime designed VistaRope products with their WeaveTech® cabling system. WeaveTech ropes are an industry-leading 20mm in diameter. Each rope contains six SteelForce® cables with the industry's highest steel content. The cables are wrapped in our ComfortGrip® polymer coating that's stronger than nylon and softer to the touch.


VistaRope products use heavy-duty six-inch diameter steel uprights, cast aluminum connectors, stainless steel shackles, and reinforced steel footings. They are precision-engineered for high-capacity play on school playgrounds.


VistaSky Towers

Create high-capacity, high-altitude climbing adventures with VistaSky Net Towers. With options up to 31' feet tall, these massive climbers accommodate dozens of children at once and promote strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and much more. They're a "big" hit on the school playground!


VistaSky Junior Towers

Smaller in size, but still big on play value, VistaSky Junior is the perfect choice for younger students or where space is at a premium. They feature the same manufacturing quality as our taller towers, but in at a lower height that is more suitable for beginner and intermediate climbers.


VistaStar Climbers

These multi-sided climbers accommodate a lot of children at once and make a great freestanding play area for any school playground. Children can climb up, over, around, and through the net. It's a great opportunity for children to explore and discover while enhancing their cognitive, social, and physical skills.

Create a Net Adventure

With GameTime's VistaRope products, you can create a school playground unlike any other. Dominica Recreation Products can help you select the right VistaRope climbers for any space or budget. Contact a DRP play expert in your area to get started.