NEW! Net Playground Equipment for Landscape Architects


One of the most popular types of commercial playground equipment is net climbers. Net climbers and other rope-based playground products offer children a fun, active way to play, and they offer landscape architects design flexibility.

If your playground design calls for nets to connect sections of a structure, we can help. We also have freestanding net towers to give children a climbing challenge. Looking for something completely different? Our designers can create a custom configuration of VistaRope® nets to work within the unique topography of your project.

Here are three ways landscape architects are using VistaRope nets from GameTime to inspire imaginations!

1. Add Nets to a Play Structure


A common piece of commercial playground equipment is a composite play structure. With a combination of posts, platforms, climbers, and slides, you can add a lot of play activities into a space. Composite play structures are often the anchor or centerpiece of a playground because they attract and accommodate large numbers of children.

As children get older, some playground components start to lack appeal or physical challenge. You can help make a play structure look and function completely different with nets. Link two sections of a play system with a net tunnel or rope-based climbing wall. Functionally link areas of the playground with large freestanding nets.

Net and rope-based playground equipment can breathe new life into standard play structure designs.

2. Expand the Play Area With Playground Net Climbers


One of the reasons playground designers often include freestanding play activities is to free up space on the primary play structure. This strategy also helps keep children more active and interested in play for longer periods of time. Freestanding playground nets expand the play area and create additional play value.

Net towers give children a unique perspective of the area and promote whole body strength development. Multi-sided net structures offer multiple routes of travel and exploration and enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills. You can use a single net structure on the playground, or combine multiple designs and styles to create a net-centric play experience.

3. Create a Custom Net Play Experience


With GameTime's VistaRope playground nets, there is no limit to what you can design. Add nets to manufactured or natural boulders, or include them with hillside slides for a challenging and fun climb to the top of the hill. Design organic shapes with undulating routes of travel or take play to new heights with towering net climbers.

Whatever you can imagine, Dominica Recreation Products can help you create it with VistaRope nets.

A Whole New Net Experience

If you're ready to start designing the next great net adventure, we are ready to help! As an exclusive representative for GameTime in Florida and Georgia, we have CAD files, Sketchup files, Lumion environments, and more to help you present your designs. Contact the DRP play expert in your area, and let's design something extraordinary!