The Best Places to Install Outdoor Hand Sanitizer


Nearly 60% of playgrounds are open across the country, including in many communities in Florida and Georgia. CDC guidelines recommend hand sanitizer at school playgrounds and parks when soap and water are not available. Perhaps you're considering outdoor hand sanitizer stations for your school playground in Georgia or Florida, or with your park amenities.

This article will describe available options and where to install a playground hand sanitizer station at your school or park.

What Types of Playground Hand Sanitizer Stations Are Available?

There are many choices for playground hand sanitizer, depending on your available space and budget. There are affordable pump-style wall mounted stations that are perfect for attaching to the exterior of buildings.

Pump Style Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Pump style hand sanitizers use a standard pump bottle to dispense hand sanitizer liquid. These are the most common type and can be easily installed near a school playground or in a park. GameTime's playground hand sanitizer stations can hold up to a 33 oz bottle of liquid and includes a lock to make sure the hand sanitizer stays put.

Manual and Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

If you prefer a manual lever or automatic touchless dispenser, GameTime offers outdoor hand sanitizer stations for these models, as well. Lever and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are great in locations where younger students play or where accessibility is important.

Hand Sanitizer Stations for School Playgrounds and Parks

DRP offers outdoor hand sanitizer stations for Florida and Georgia schools and parks

Do I Buy Hand Sanitizer with the Sanitizer Station or Provide My Own?

GameTime offers both options. If you already have a supply of hand sanitizer liquid and a vendor you use regularly, you can use it with our hand sanitizer stations. Our locking enclosures have an adjustable inner shelf to make sure your bottle will fit - up to 33oz or 1440ml.

GameTime also has combo options that ship with dispensers filled with sanitizer liquid made with 70% ethyl alcohol.

Where Should I Install Hand Sanitizer In My Park or School Playgrounds?

Install an outdoor hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of each playground. This gives students, parents, and other visitors opportunity to keep hands clean before and after they play. If your park or playground is very large, consider additional hand sanitizer stations every 30-50 feet.

Other areas where outdoor hand sanitizer stations are important are near swing sets, sports and athletic fields, and other freestanding playground equipment. Also consider adding them to preschool play areas or near seating and picnic areas.

Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Locking Enclosures

GameTime and DRP hand sanitizer stations are locking enclosures for easy maintenance

Playground Hand Sanitizer is an Essential Service

Hand sanitizer made with 70% ethyl alcohol is proven to kill most germs and viruses upon contact. When soap and water aren't available, playground hand sanitizer stations are the next best option. Providing outdoor hand sanitizer stations for park visitors and school playgrounds is an essential service.

To learn how outdoor hand sanitizer stations can help your schools and community parks, contact the DRP play expert in your neighborhood.