A Landscape Architect's Guide to Designing Outdoor Fitness Parks


Ongoing research studies show people who exercise outdoors workout more frequently and for longer periods of time. As more people in Florida and Georgia are turning to the outdoors to get their workouts, it's important to design fitness spaces that meet the needs of the community and provide a well-rounded workout. There are two specific goals for most outdoor fitness spaces in 2020:

1. Maximize available space

2. Provide opportunities for physical distancing

These two goals may seem at odds, but it is possible to design a fitness space that provides all five elements of a well-rounded fitness program in a small space and still allow people to exercise at an appropriate distance from one another.


More Exercise in Less Space

If saving space is your primary objective,THRIVE outdoor fitness systems from GameTime offer up to 20 exercise stations in as little as 250 square feet. THRIVE is available in three configurations: 250, 450, and 900. The numbers designate the amount of square footage required for installation.

Each THRIVE® system provides multiple fitness stations, instructions for using each based on individual fitness levels, and trainer-designed workout programs for a full body workout. They are also available with integrated shade to keep the area cooler and more comfortable during summer months.

THRIVE 900 is the largest model. It includes 20 different exercise stations. During times of concern over the spread of germs and viruses, it is still a viable option since multiple people can exercise an appropriate distance from one another. You should follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your outdoor fitness equipment and encourage people to use hand sanitizer before, during, and after use.


Expand Your Fitness Area

You can expand your outdoor fitness options with GTFit® products. GTFit is designed to provide all five elements of a well-rounded fitness program: aerobic, muscle, core, balance, and flexibility. With durable equipment designed for heavy use outdoors, you can design the perfect fitness space for your community.

Combine multiple products into a single fitness area to save space and still maintain appropriate distancing between users. Add GTFit products along a trail or pathway to create more distance between users and expand the usefulness of your walking paths.

Dominica Recreation Products offers a comprehensive design guide for parks professionals and landscape architects to help you plan your outdoor fitness space.

Help Your Community Stay Fit

Health and wellness are community concerns across the country. With the right products, research, and design best practices from GameTime and Dominica Recreation Products, you can design the perfect fit for your community. Contact the DRP fitness pros in your area to get started.