A Modern Approach to Playground Design


Across Florida and Georgia, Dominica Recreation Products designs play spaces for parks, schools, and other community areas using GameTime playground equipment. Our play experts work with educators, parks professionals and landscape architects to select the right commercial playground equipment for any space or budget.

When space is at a premium, however, large sprawling playgrounds aren't always the best fit. Compact play system designs often have to reduce the amount of available play value to save space. There is another way - Modern City.


What is Modern City?

Modern City is a play system line from GameTime. It's beautiful architecture-inspired design is unlike anything you've ever seen on a playground. The unique design attracts attention and encourages children to come explore the play structure.

Modern City saves space by layering levels of play on top of one another. It's a vertical play experience rather than a lateral one. But it doesn't sacrifice play value to reduce its footprint. Instead, it makes every part of the system part of the play activity.


Designed for Active Play

Modern City uses a unique X-Frame hub design with uprights that support climbing up, through, and around the system. Children have many different ways to reach the upper levels of the system, and the entire structure is designed to provide specific play benefits.

The multi-tiered approach provides play activities at the ground level, including sensory-rich activities built into the uprights. These include stainless steel mechanical bolts, mirror balls, megahorns and more to enhance fine and gross motor skill development. They also encourage social play.

As children move up the play system, they find climbing platforms that sway. This adds additional challenge and fun to the climbing experience. There are tunnels and bridges made from steel nets and coated ropes for high visibility. At the very top of the structure is a zip slide for a quick return to the ground level play activities.

A Modern Approach to Playground Design

As more Florida and Georgia schools and parks look for ways to create fun, active, and developmentally-appropriate play areas into limited space, Modern City makes it easy for designers and landscape architects to accept that challenge. Its compact footprint requires less space and safety surfacing, lowering costs and space requirements. The multi-tiered, vertical play elements offer a developmental continuum of beginner, intermediate, and advanced play, and the inspired design is sure to inspire imaginations.

To learn more about Modern City, or to request a copy of the brochure, CAD files, or other design materials, contact the DRP play expert in your area.