Why Shade is the Must Have Florida Playground Accessory


Florida has a warm climate, and playgrounds are popular for children to play and socialize. However, the sun can be powerful in Florida, and playing in the sun can lead to heat-related illnesses. That's why playgrounds in Florida need to include integrated shade.

What is Integrated Shade?

Integrated shade is a shade structure built into the playground structure itself. This can be done using trees, awnings, or other manufactured shade fabric structures to provide shade for the playground equipment. Integrated shade is essential because it provides a cooler and more comfortable place for children to play, even in the hot sun.

There are several benefits to including integrated shade in playgrounds.

  1. It can help to prevent heat-related illnesses. Heat-related illnesses can be severe. GameTime shades block up to 97% of harmful UV rays.
  2. Integrated shade can help to improve the quality of play. When children are playing in the shade, they are more likely to stay cool and comfortable. With GameTime integrated shade structures, Florida play areas are up to 20º cooler.
  3. Playgrounds with integrated shade can help to attract more children to playgrounds. More children will want to play there when playgrounds are shady and inviting. This can help to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

How to Integrate Shade in Your Florida Playground

There are several ways to include integrated shade in playgrounds. One way is to plant trees around the playground. Trees provide natural shade and can also help improve the air quality. Another way to include integrated shade is to install shade structures over the playground equipment. GameTime playgrounds can be installed with shade structures attached to the uprights, saving space and money.

Keep Things Cool

Florida's days and days of sun are great for outdoor play and recreation, but too much sun can be harmful. That's why integrated shade structures are essential for Florida playgrounds. To learn how to keep your play area cooler and more comfortable, use the form below to contact a DRP playground shade expert.