Bike Racks and Storage

Dero, a Playcore Company, is a leading supplier of Bike Racks, Bike Shelters, Lockers, and Storage, Bike Repair Stations

We are bike parking nerds.

Our real world insight from our bike-centric lives helps us design innovative, high-quality, and functional bicycling infrastructure that people rely on every day. We take pride in our American made craftsmanship, sustainable practices, excellent customer service, and expertise in bike parking, public bike repair, and street design amenities.

We’re here to help. We offer our customers, wherever they are in the sales process, excellent customer service to help them find the best products for their project. Our sales and customer service teams are professional and experts in the field of bike parking. Whether it’s a homeowner who wants a bike rack in their front yard to an architect who needs hundreds of bikes parked in a bike room, we are happy to offer instructions, free CAD layouts, and even design custom products to meet their needs. From inquiry to installation, Dero is there for our customers.

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