School Playground Equipment

Helping Students in Georgia and Florida Stay Active

Studies show students who are physically active perform better in school. Dominica Recreation Products helps schools in Georgia and Florida design school playground equipment that keeps children active and enhances their overall physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

We believe in school playgrounds. For decades, Dominica Recreation Products has helped schools design fun, active spaces that address the needs of the whole child and the whole campus..

School Playground Equipment for Georgia and Florida Schools

School Playground Equipment Helps Students Learn

Students who are active during recess perform better academically and have fewer behavior-related issues. We design school playgrounds with GameTime products. These products are backed by research from leading educators and specialists in childhood development.

GameTime and DRP offer a complete school playground curriculum called Play On! Play On! was developed by SHAPE America and PlayCore to create 125 fun, standards-based activities for students in Pre-K through 5th grade. With Play On!, your school playground becomes an extension of your PE class.

A recent study conducted by SHAPE America and PlayCore found active students:

Earn Higher Grades

Students in Georgia and Florida who participate in outdoor physical activity during the day are 20% more likely to earn an A in math or English. Imagine recess as a key way to prepare students for life with better math and English skills.

Perform Better on Standardized Tests

Standardized test scores increased by more than 6% over three years in schools where physical activity increased. Keeping children moving keeps children learning.

See Results With One Active Lesson

Georgia and Florida teachers who utilized school playground equipment at least once per week helped students increase their physical activity by 13%. They also realized a 21% decrease in managing poor student behavior. Instead of calling down students for 12 minutes you can teach for the entire class!

Let's Design the Perfect Playground for Your School

Creating a great school playground starts with knowing the needs of your students, as well as your space and budgetary requirements. Our team of play experts has extensive experience designing school playgrounds that help students stay active, engaged, and having fun during the school day.

If your school is ready to provide more physical activity for students and enhance their ability to learn, let's talk! We can help you design the perfect play space with GameTime school playground equipment, PlayCore research, and our own decades-worth of school playground experience.

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